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I have been more than four years in the digital marketing and SEO industries, and helped more than 80 companies to grow their businesses and have become well known as an SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh

Meet Award winning SEO Expert

This is Arfin Arif the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh . Firstly, I started my  SEO journey from curiosity to know how google search results and everything works. Time keeps rolling and I developed my skills and have a good knowledge of every aspect of Search engine optimization. Moreover, I have been certified by Google

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

Fundamental of SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page optimization plays a vital role in your website’s success. However there was a time when people didn’t care about no-page SEO, but now Google has an on-page ranking factor. If you don’t maintain this, then you are losing your chances to get to the top.Google always wants to give the exact solution to its users’ search queries, and On-Page SEO helps to ensure that your website’s content, tags, and images are well optimized for that, then it’s possible to get rank easily even without doing off-page SEO. But, we just don’t think about Google,also about your users. We follow the E-A-T framework, which makes us unique and one step ahead of other digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh

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off page seo expert in bd
Off-Page SEO

When it comes to off-page SEO, people start thinking about backlinks. Though it is not the only thing that you should care about. You have to be more specific while creating links to other sites. I did some research with my clients website and seen the tremendous result. We removed all the toxic links and just kept the good and relevant links that are from the same niche. Moreover, it is not necessary for everyone to do this. But remember one thing: don’t believe those people who are selling tons of links at a cheap price. You know they are causing your site to get penalized. I talked with every SEO expert in Bangladesh and they all agreed that before creating links, please check the site’s privous record and traffic.


What if you have a dynamic website with good content and quality backlinks? Moreover, you followed all the rules and did not get anywhere on the search engine result page. That might be the cause of technical issues, and that word refers to technical SEO.Basicaly technical SEO is crawl,render and indexing.Google needs to crawl, render, and index your webpages and store the date so that it can show its users. However, there are a few other requirements, such as your site being mobile optimized, having a fast loading webpage, being secure, and having 100% unique content.Before beginning work on a SEO project, I audit all technical SEO issues and share my suggestions for how to resolve them.Sometimes we have to make changes, and you have to be prepared for this.

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SEO Service In Bangladesh

You might be launching a new business and planning to attract your customer through some advertising but you don’t know where to start from. No worries, we can give you the best solutions. Everything is now online and, people always tend to search on google about their needs so, SEO can help you to get potential customers and they are service-minded. As an SEO Expert in Bangladesh , I helped many clients to grow their online businesses.

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Offering Powerful SEO Solutions

Search Engine Optimization

I am a person who loves to explore new strategies read google algorithms, and ranking factors about SEO, and always keeps me updated. That helps me to offer a complete Search engine optimization package to my clients. Firstly my team will sort out which service is right for you and what should we do next. Basically, I start from On-page & Technical SEO, after fixing all the errors I go forward and start work on Off-Page SEO

Escape Google Penalty

Everyone doesn't know about SEO.So, companies tend to hire someone to do their website SEO. I've seen many companies just don't think about the outcomes they just try to save few bucks by purchasing a low-quality service. Bad peoples are everywhere they sell automated services that will cause google penalties to the site. We always follow white hat method. As an SEO specialist, helped many businesses to recovery their google penalty

Quality Backlinks

Link Building is simple and easy if you don't think about the quality. But the reality is if you consider your website as an asset then I believe you will not compromise with quality. All we know how much is it important for a website to have a good and relevant backlinks profile. I assist businesses in identifying opportunities and obtaining more effective backlinks that will help a website to get more impressions by google and rank much faster

High Conversion

All businessmen want to earn profits by selling their goods or services.They spend money on advertising to get more customers.But what if you spend more but get less then you should change your marketing method. And that's where organic SEO can bring you more leads and sales and you will earn a healthy profit. I ensure a high conversion rate to my clients

Content Marketing

We know how much is it important to have powerful content. As an SEO expert, I always try to get in touch with our targeted audience in a unique and productive way with quality content that creates a good impression on them. Consumers would consider you a better choice. It will build your brand value as well

Keyword Research

Keyword is a key of SEO, one good keyword can make thousands of sales.Before start working on your content, I will do complete
keyword research that will help your customers to find you easily on google search

MY Experience

I’ve wanted to perform affiliate marketing since the beginning of my career, but I did not even know anything about SEO at that time. Later, I realized that if I want to grow my affiliate business, I need to learn SEO first in order to gain more sales and traffic. That was my beginning, and I’m still doing what I love!

SEO Specialist

This is where I got my passion. I am working as an SEO expert in Bangladesh for the last four years and have built a reputation in my local area and globally. Meanwhile, I run SEO training in Dhaka for new students.

Affiliate Marketing​

I started my career with affiliate marketing and helped many students to grow their affiliate businesses

Why I Am The Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh

What makes my SEO services unique from any other SEO expert in Bangladesh

There are many digital marketing agencies out there but we are not like others who will refer you to paid marketing. Our SEO experts in Bangladesh guarantee that all the traffics are from organic search result so, there is a possibility of high conversion rate and get back money to your pocket.

We ensure quality works and giving SEO services in Bangladesh that are totally white hat and always ahead of the pack from your competitors. We maintain all google algorithm rules and keep updating client’s websites.

My Service Include

  1. Four years of experience
  2. Always incomparable from competitors
  3. Guaranteed Results
  4. 100+ satisfied clients
seo expert in bangladesh

Benefits of doing SEO

Increases Organic Traffic

Whether it is Facebook or a website, we often see there are some people who are running ads to sell their products or services, but they don't care about our intarest. But what if you don't do anything and people come after you by searching for their needs? I know you are going to admit that they are high-quality traffic and looking for whatever you are selling. There is a report by SEOTribunal that shows that Google has 5.6 billion searches every day.And you can get those visitors by doing SEO. Organic SEO will help you rank for a relevant topic that matches your services.

Build Trust and Value

Let's think you are a web developer and run a website. If someone is searching on Google for a keyword like "best webdeveloper in Dhaka", and if your webpage ranks at the top of the search engine result page, then without a doubt, that person is more likely to buy your service. Do you know why? because he believes in Google, and this is how you get space to build trust.

Return on Investment

You don't need a salesman to make a huge sale.  What you need is search engine optimization. If you try online marketing or commercial ads, you will not be able to examine where your customers are coming from, whereas you can see every single traffic source if you are in the organic search results. According to one study, most people conduct research before making any purchases, and if you are a local business, you will most likely have that person in your shop the next day.That is why SEO is the best ROI method.

Hire me as Top SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Every business is going to be online now and then. If we talk about a small business, it’s hard for them to find someone to do their business marketing and SEO. I have seen many people spend money before coming to me and they got no result. Looking for a SEO expert in Bangladesh could be hard for a business if you don’t know how to judge and what to judge.

🗹 Does he have a previous work record?

What makes me different from others? For sure, it would be extensive and sharp knowledge about SEO and my long experience. Before you consider someone an expert, look into his experience and knowledge level in your specific job.

🗹 How will he increase your website’s Google ranking?

No one will reveal their secret strategy in public, but you should be clear about how he will pull up your website ranking and fix all critical errors, as well as what his strategy will be for On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO before beginning work on your project.I personally believe in transparency and always being clear with my clients about what they will get from me.

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Clients Feedback
I hired him to help me execute SEO tasks. He was reliable, flexible, and very responsive. He had a good service mind. His effort was so great. He attempted to help me and he was always there for me when I needed help. Really appreciated. I highly recommend him
seo experts in dhaka
Richy M.
I was looking for the best seo expert in Bangladesh on google and found him. He Knows what he has to do.He attempted to fix things and found the best solutions for my project. Outstanding experience.
seo reviews bd
Good experience, They did exactly what they said they would do, I appricite his efort and he made me undestand how to do these things. Will be using them again on other projects.
seo expert bd
Nathalie Moore
Arfin Arif is reliable and friendly. I had no idea what to do with my website and finally found him on google. I got what I was looking for, he helped me do local SEO in Bangladesh. I am surprised by the result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If your business has a physical location and you serve a region, then you are a local business and you should focus on local SEO. Local SEO aims to increase visibility of your website when someone searches for a query with  geographical location in Google


SEO experts know how the search engine works and they implement best practices, so it can help you in many ways. You can do SEO on your own, but you have to be very careful, otherwise you could ruin your whole website. On the other hand, hiring a local SEO expert in BD can increase your website traffic and sales.